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Grounds & Safety

We understand that safety is a very important aspect when leasing an apartment for yourself or for your family and friends. At The Californian, the safety of our tenants is very important to us as well. To ensure quality protection to all of our residents, we have taken several measures to guarantee the ultimate safe haven for our residents.


Light! We hope you love them, because they are everywhere! Every apartment has a security light outside their door, as well as flood lights at the end of each building. The SFA Tennis Courts, Nacogdoches City Lights, along with additional lighting from our office makes our parking lots BRIGHT at night!


At The Californian, employees live on-site to ensure every tenants needs are met 24/7. That means quick responses to maintenance, emergencies, or anything else you may need. Plus, our owners live here in town, making responses and decision making quick and easy.


Due to our location in relation to SFA, The Californian is heavily patrolled by both campus police and the local City of Nacogdoches Police Department.


All doors at The Californian feature a variety of locks to keep you feeling secure. Tenant's doors include an exposed outdoor/indoor standard lock , an indoor security lock that can only be accessed from the inside and a door latch/chain.


Due to our location in relation to SFA, The Californian strictly enforces towing. In an effort to control our lot, all visitors are required to get a parking pass in the office before parking. There are also a handful of parking stalls marked for visitors.

Safety First