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Off Campus Housing Stephen F. Austin State University

On this page you will find common questions we get from tenants, important renting information, and a break down of our amenities!

What Do You Mean Off Campus Housing All-Bills-Paid?

We mean everything! Internet. Cable. Electricity. Water. Trash. Sewage. Perfect for budgeting students or busy parents, the all-in-one feature allows you to handle your month's expenses in one check. ‚ÄčThe Californian strives to be the best SFA housing college student apartments Nacogdoches has to offer, and we hope that our all in one approach helps make things easier for you. If there is anything else we can do to make things easier, just let us know on your tour.

How do I know my utilities cap?

You will find your utilities cap under the Special Provisions and "What If" Clauses section of your lease, located on page one. There you will find your electricity and water cap as well as any other special provisions to your lease. Utility Caps are different for every floor plan and occupancy at college student apartments. Please contact our SFA Housing leasing agents for an accurate utilities cap price by filling out this form or calling the office at 936-569-0032.

Can I request my utilities statement?

Of course! There are several ways to access this information.
  • Contact the Californian Office and request a Utilities Statement.
  • Contact Ms. Britney at the Three Skies Management office and request a Utilities Statement Phone: 936-205-5950.

What is the internet and cable plan?

Cable and Internet are provided to the wall in every unit, much like the dorms.
You will need to provide your own Ethernet Chord or Wireless Router (if you wish to have wireless internet) .

We do not provide wireless internet to the property. We chose the to the wall option as a way to actually provide the internet service and quality we promise. It doesn't matter if you do have the "fastest internet in Texas" if everytime you log on you have a dial-up flashback. High Speed Internet 15.0 & Extended Cable

What's the deal with Custom Leasing?

Life changes. At the Californian, we get that. With custom leasing, you get the maximum flexibility in your lease, allowing it to change as you do.

Need a place for the summer?

Check out our three month Summer Student Special.
Don't want to be stuck in a lease after graduation?
We can format your lease to end when you do.
Financial issues? Roommate problems?
No worries dude, we got you covered. Down grade or upgrade your lease to fit whatever you needs may be. We are the only company who will provide custom leasing set to fit your unique needs.

What is the Overage Policy?

There is no need to worry about utility overages. All utilities are set on a trial and error formula we have developed based on the average student usage and have been set comfortably higher. Therefore, caps have been set to instead indicate to us in the office that there is a problem with your apartment rather than to set limits on our tenants.

The Californian Utilities Overage Policy & Process
  • The first month you have overage charges, your overage charges will be waived and you will be notified by the office that you need to schedule an apartment inspection.
  • After you have scheduled an inspection, our crew will come into your apartment and test all things electrical (such as outlets, washer and dryer hook ups, air conditioning, etc. ) as well as all water related things (such as your washer/dryer, bath tub, sink etc.) to check if anything is in need of repair.
  • If there is a problem, our speedy maintenance crew will fix it immediately.
  • If we can not find there is a problem with your apartment, you will be issued Utilities Agreement (an official warning) by the office which you must sign stating that you are aware of your overage charges and your apartment inspection.
  • If overage charges persist, the delinquent amount will be added to your rent.

How friendly is pet friendly?

Here at the Californian, we believe there are no bad pets, only bad pet owners. We encourage a proactive lifestyle for pet parents and believe it is nurture over nature; that means NO weight restrictions and NO breed restrictions but your furry best friend is your responsibility and we expect you to take proper care of them and your apartment. We are one of the few college student apartments in Nacogdoches has with no breed restriction. Pet deposits are $400.00, cover two pets, and are required to be paid before your pet moves in.

Tenant's pets must will be issued a tag from the Californian SFA Housing which will be required to be worn by your pet at all times when outside the apartment and a sticker permit to be placed in the window of your unit indicating you have an animal.

The Californian has a strict pet waste policy. We ask all pet owners to be respectful of their neighbors and the grounds by disposing of pet waste in the waste stations located around the property. There is a $50 fine for each pole a tenant neglects to pick up. Notices will be distributed from the office and placed on the tenants door.

Should I care about Maintenance?

At the Californian, serving our tenants is our number one priority. Committed to 100% tenants satisfaction, our philosophy is to clean our plate every day by working hard to provide an awesome living environment for you. No matter what time of day, our prompt 24-hour on-call maintenance will solve tenant's request to their satisfaction. Monthly pet control and on-site A/C tech services ensures a clean, cool and quality living space to kick back in. Because at the Californian, we know it's the little things that make a place a home.