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Perks of Stephen F. Austin State University Housing

Perks of Stephen F. Austin State University Housing

Perks of Stephen F. Austin State University Housing

Here at the Californian SFA Housing we take pride in being a friendly and familiar place for students to reside at in Nacogdoches. Being that we are close to campus but yet far enough to feel away from school, we want to provide you with the best perks of living off campus. Not every Nacogdoches apartment complexes are the same and we are excited to tell you why living Nacogdoches apartment with us can benefit you for the coming year.

Whether you are beginning your college career or you have been a student for sometime, you surely understand the importance of choosing to live on the school campus or off of it. We at the Californian know how important living the right distance from school is and we aim to give our renters that perfect combination of close and far from school. Here we give some great perks to living off of school campus.

Extra Freedom:

Everything in life should be accounted for in moderation, and we believe that should include the freedom students have at college. Often times living at school or in a dorm can lead to random roommates and often times overprotective resident advisers making your stay less enjoyable than you might have imagined. A nice perk to being at an off campus Nacogdoches apartment is that you can enjoy choosing your own roommate and not really have to worry about answering to any SFA Housing resident advisers.


I have to make my own food?? This actually can really be a great perk for many students transitioning from living by school to slightly away from it. At the Californian we have kitchenettes perfect for preparing any meal. Here in the comfort of your own kitchen you do not have to worry about lines at the school dining hall, kids cutting in front of you, or worse waiting to use an appliance in a campus kitchen.

Personal Growth:

When we say personal growth we do not only mean excelling in academics and making a fine student. We mean having some learning experiences and seeing how it is to maintain your own apartment outside the norm of a dormitory. We love seeing the transition of our renters go from just being a student to growing into a responsible adult over time. If living away from school yet close enough in a Nacogdoches apartment seems right for you, fill out an application form and schedule your tour today. Your new SFA Housing awaits.